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#342613 - After about 15 minutes I sat up poured another drink straight away kate’s leg were back on my lap so feeling brave as we were on the second bottle now I placed my hand back on kate’s knee this time siding it about 4-5 inches under the hem of her dress to my surprise I found stocking top I wasn't quite touching skin yet but the feel of her stocking top was making me very wet yet still nothing from Kate we just carried on talking having a laugh as if everything was normal. I could just laugh it off saying it was the booze and didnt realize I was doing it or something. I said to Dave what shell we do with her with a giggle and before Dave could answer “anything you want” kate muttered between moans.

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Watatsuki no yorihime
You are a really lucky fucking man having such a beautiful girl with you
Asagi igawa
Wouldve been nicer if you swallowed how bout making a creampie vid